about 30 km west of Koblenz and about 20 km east of Cochem

The gate to Eltz Castle - this is what Moselkern has been called for a long time, because the famous castle is only about 3 km away from the village.

The town hall


The oldest town hall by the Moselle built in 1535 is a unique sight, not only because it is an impressive example of half-timbered housing typical of the Moselle region.

In the wall of the ground floor, you can still see the iron ring. Before the French Revolution, lawbreakers were tied to this ring and exposed to the mockery of the population.




The "Merovingian Cross"

In 1915, a unique discovery was brought to light at the Moselkern cemetery: a grave made of basalt lava from the end of the 7th century. It is one of the earliest monumental depictions of Christ crucified north of the Alps known as the Merovingian Cross.

Today you can see the original Merovingian Cross in Bonn's Rheinisches Landesmuseum. In the cemetery in Moselkern and at the church copies have been set up.




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Eltz Castle

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